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About Us

Salem Coffee Roaster is where the community comes together, and that calls for a great cup coffee. Our roaster is located in the heart of Salem, Oregon U.S.A.
As master coffee growers and roasters, we source coffee beans from small family direct farms in regions around the world, including the Big Island of Hawaii, Africa, Asia, and South America. Our passion for coffee blends seamlessly with our commitment to sustainability. With every batch of beans we roast, we celebrate the artistry of coffee while embracing eco-conscious practices. As both artisans and advocates, sharing our love for exceptional coffee and connected sourcing with businesses that share our values, has been an honor and a blessing for us.

When you stop by our roasting facility at Bon Mua Coffee and Salem Coffee Roaster for a bag of delicious coffee, please enjoy a  cup of coffee on us.

Green ceramic coffee cup  Blue ceramic coffee cup  Morningside Roast (Dark) 100% Arabica Specialty Coffee Roast: Dark Flavor Notes: Chocolate, Citrus, Nutty  Sunnyslope Roast (medium) 100% Arabica Specialty Coffee Roast: Medium Flavor Notes: Fruity, Tropical, Honey  Waterfront Roast (light/medium) 100% Arabica Specialty Coffee Roast: Light/Medium Flavor Notes: Fruity, Tropical, Honey

Premium Roasts

Our premium roasts are made with intention, specialized for your preference with different flavors and aromas from Dark, Medium and Light Medium roasts.

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Our hearts are with the community. Traveling to different small farm regions worldwide has been an amazing blessing. The passion and love shared for common values fills us with inspiration to share and continue our path and connection. We give a big thank you to everyone supporting and contributing to the union of community and the love for sustainability and great coffee!


Our intentions are to encompass environmental, social, and economical considerations.Embracing sustainable practices can help reduce the depletion of natural resources and by adopting and sharing these practices, we contribute to creating a more balanced planet for ourselves and for future inhabitants. Our coffee will always be sourced and prepared with these standards and values.


Organic & Fair Trade

We are certified Organic and Fair Trade! We adhere to our strict guidelines that avoid the use of synthetic pesticides, fertilizers, and genetically modified organisms. Our coffee comes from farming practices that prioritize soil health and biodiversity. Through our Fair trade certification, we focus on ethical trade relationships with direct small farms, ensuring fair compensation and heartfelt relationships and supporting Salem Coffee Roaster, one supports the lives of many children and families in these regions.

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